Choice is senior to responsibility


Download Flyer (below)

Hi, my name is Gaiagnostic. I was a member of the Church of Scientology for four years. I experienced how the current church is off the rails – far from what LRH intended. It is time for us all to wake up and do something about it.

I work in marketing, and I have thought about how to get a communication to people who are still members of The Church of Miscavage.

This highly condensed message is an idea that I think may help. It is a doubt formula in a nutshell. A message that can be evaluated simply by what a person can see and feel right now. A message that can be read in a span of a second or two, before the filters can shut down the communication. A message that helps take away the A=A=A currently in effect: LRH = Scientology = Church Of Miscavology. Differentiation can begin, which is the basis of sanity.

So, if it makes sense to you, download the PDF flyer. Print it out. Paper your local Org. Email it to your friends.

Let’s get rid of the SP David Miscavage, and free our friends from the suppression.

Also, I think it will inspire others if you can share what you did with the flyers using the comments section here ». Thanks!! Let me know what else you may like and I will do produce and deliver!

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